Hancock Project Living Room Design

One will never get bored once they’re inside of this ravishing living room! Everywhere you look, there are unique and interesting pieces that will certainly catch your attention. Of course, one will admire the beautiful custom fireplace donned with charcoal black bricks accentuated by the black and white decorative tiles. A definite focal piece of the room.

living room design hancock park

As playful as my client is, we decided to get different styles of lounge chairs in different colors and textures. We pulled off a bold move by going for a floral patterned floor rug over complimentary colors of violet, yellow and jungle red. This project design is definitely one for the books! I would definitely suggest every client not to be afraid of mixing patterns and strong colors. It can be done successfully and it’s a matter of balance and harmony.

Below is a gallery of photos taken for the receiving area and the living room for my Hancock Park project design. Enjoy!